Michele Gilcrest
Michele Gilcrest

Tropical Moonlight

Book 3: Tropical Breeze Series

About the Book

She broke up with him years ago. He’s staying on the island for business. Can Frankie and David get past their indifferences to rekindle a forever flame?

Just when Frankie thought things were falling into place, a man she deeply loved from the past shows up, causing her to question everything.

Now that he’s back in her life while staying on the island for business, will this impact Frankie’s feelings for her current boyfriend? Is what they have strong enough to last the test of distance and time?

Then there’s Meg and Parker. Things couldn’t be better as they begin the next chapter of their lives at Seaside B&B. But when a new couple arrives with their share of drama, will that disrupt the flow of business and their relationship together?

Join the characters of the Tropical Breeze series and follow two journeys of love, sweet love!

The Details

Published: April 11, 2023
Formats: Ebook